Sunday, March 31, 2013

Are You Saving Money With Coupons ?

Hey Savvy Shoppers!

If you live in the Inner Cities anywhere in the USA,
I would love to know how much money do you save using coupons in your neighborhood ??
Many times the savings are Disproportionate and Regional ONLY!!
( Regional Coupons mean: Manufactures release different coupons in different areas of the country)
 which I believe in short-term is a disservice for anyone seeking to save and maximize their spending!! So I posted a question on Extreme Couponing Face Book Wall to find out how can consumers of every income bracket and  Region save ?

I would love to hear your experiences!! If I missed any stores, please share them on this post or my Steward of Savings Face Book Page

You can find my Question below:

 "Greetings!! I would love to see Extreme Couponing in the inner cities! Most Supermarkets in the inner cities do NOT have Club Cards to keep track of spending or rewards for their customers, and..Catalina coupons are unheard of as well!!

 As a deal blogger @Steward of Savings, my challenge is learning to teach savings for everyone, no matter where you live,  which would be practical for everyone, yet the playing field does NOT allow many consumers in the inner cities to save as much as even 10% in most cases ?? My challenge question: How can we  incorporate these savings in stores that are NOT open to accepting coupons which are usually your small stores located in lower income areas such as C-Towns, Pioneer, Key Food, Fine-Fare, Associate, Met Food, Food Town to name a few, Most of these Supermarkets will NOT accept printable coupons or manufacture coupons, which leaves the consumer at a disadvantage ?

I await your response ?? "

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