Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Brahmi Oil - Ayurvedic Hair Growth Massage Oil, ONLY $18.79! + Great Reviews!

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Brahmi Hair Oil  is great to use as a pre-shampoo oil treatment which helps to stimulate the scalp for hair growth! You can also add other natural oils, like almond oil, amla oil and evoo! Hot oil treatments are great for dry scalp/dandruff, as it clears away excess sebum which is necessary for new hair growth!

Tip: Hair oil is best applied warm to your scalp and covered with plastic wrap for 30 mins or longer if time permits, then wash out and condition hair!


  1. Almond and other oils like extra virgin oil is a good source of massaging the hair and body but you have also given some good source of massaging with Ayurvedic oil and I have searched about this from the net. This oil has some good effects in growth of hair and nourishing scalp and works like a physiotherapist for the scalp.

    1. Thanks Jimmy for your insight! I love extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) which I use weekly with the Ayurvedic oil and it really does keep your hair mositurized to avoid breakage which helps the hair to grow! Oh, I always apply the oil warm before shampooing!

  2. That is a natural therapy and people have been getting benefit from thousands of years but as time passes there is new inventions like Massage near Cromer which has some unique techniques which are side effects free and take less time as compared to any conventional techniques.