Thursday, December 1, 2016

700 FREE Swagbucks + $1,000 Amazon Gift Card Sweepstakes!

Get started here>> 700 FREE Swagbucks + $1,000 Amazon Gift Card Sweepstakes!

Swagbucks  has teamed up with Heartbeat to give Instagram-ers out there the opportunity to make $7 (in the form of 700 SB points) and get entered to win a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card through 12/05/16*

To qualify, your personal Instagram account must have been active for more than 30 days and have at least 150 followers. Here are the steps:

1) Click HERE - if you don't already have a Swagbucks account, you can create one HERE, it takes less than 30 seconds,

2) To earn SB's, you must be a woman and complete the following: Signup through, and then take the quiz.

3) After completing the quiz, you will need to click on the "I want to earn more & share more!" button.

4) Next, a follow-up email will be sent to the email will be sent to the email address that is linked to your Instagram/Facebook  account. Follow the EXACT instructions in the email before submitting your post to Instagram.

5) That's it! Your 700 SB should credit in a few days. As a special bonus, if you're new to Swagbucks  and sign up through me before you take the offer, you'll qualify for another 300 SB bonus which will earn you 1000 SB and redeem for $10 Gift Card of your choice.

 If you haven't heard of them, is an easy, quick way to earn cash back and gift cards by shopping online or doing everyday activities like taking surveys or watching videos. When you those things, you earn points called Swagbucks (SB) that you redeem for Paypal cash, or gift cards to Target, AMC, Walmart, Starbucks, and more!

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