Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mt. SwagMore Collector's Bills=FREE #Swagbucks

One of my favorite things about Swagbucks is that I can get rewards for searching the web through their search engine. Every now and then they have "Collector's Bills" that you can collect by simply searching the web. Collect them all, and you get an Swagbuck bonus!

How do I get Collector's Bill's ?

It's simple. Search the web through swagbucks for anything through 11/14/16 2:59 EST, and when you get a search win, you may get a special collector's bill valued at:

5 Swagbucks
10 Swagbucks
13 Swagbucks
22 Swagbucks

What happens when I get a collector's bill ?

 When you get a Collector's Bill, you'll receive the value of the bill and the bill will be added to your "Collector's Bill" ledger and if you collect all 4 collector's bills, you will instantly earn a 20 SB bonus, sweet, huh!

Is it possible to collect the same Collector's Bills multiple times ?

Yes, you could collect any of the collector's bills multiple times.

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