Saturday, June 20, 2020

FREE $30 UberEats Promotional Credit! (mobile)

Woohooooo!!  $30 FREE Food Credit at UberEats!!

If you use UberEats, here's a deal you might be able to use.

Right now, UberEats is offering FREE $30 Promotional Credit for a limited time to select accounts when you sign up for the Unlimited UberEats Pass.

Get this deal by Logging in or Register, check your offers for the ad that says 'Unlimited UberEats Pass or 'Unlimited 30 Day Delivery, Try One Month Free', then sign up and check your 'Promotional Tab' to view your FREE $30 Credit valid through 07/01/2020*

Important: Don't forget to cancel your UberEats Unlimited Pass to avoid any bills!

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